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Charlotte Murray Pilates
Charlotte Murray
Body Control Pilates certified Level 3 Matwork 2020
Back4Good Low Back Pain Practitioner 2021
Level 3 Award in Designing Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Programmes 2021
Pilates for Bone Health (L3 Active IQ) 2023

Hi, I’m Charlotte. 

I teach studio matwork classes and 1:1s at The Pilates Workshop in Harpenden and St Albans.

My Pilates journey began as something new and fun to do after my daughter was born;  a way to meet other new mums and to get out of the house. I think I spent more time during these classes feeding my child than practising Pilates. However, it led me to discover that I had diastasis recti, (abdominal separation) which needed attention.

Through regular postnatal Pilates practise, I was able to bring strength and functionality back to my core. Pilates became an essential part of my postnatal rehab and I came away with a newfound interest in human anatomy and biomechanics. I felt compelled to learn more and to bring the many benefits of Pilates to others.

I went on to train in London with Body Control Pilates, whose teacher training course is the most comprehensive of its kind and widely recognised as an international benchmark


There is no need to be super fit or flexible; all exercises are tailored to the individual for maximum benefit. 

White Cream

"Change happens through movement and movement heals."

--Joseph Pilates

About Pilates
What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates targets the deep intrinsic stability muscles - the muscles responsible for posture; strengthening them from the inside out. The aim is to rebalance the body, to bring it into the correct alignment.

Pilates is ideal for all walks of life and is often recommended for those with back problems.

Already a sports person? Then adding Pilates into your weekly fitness regime will perfectly complement any other fitness activity and may well improve your form!

Pilates is named after it's creator, Joseph Pilates, who created a series of exercises that built strength without adding bulk and balanced that strength with flexibility.

With it's gentle, controlled approach, Pilates exercises can be adapted to suit everyone, no matter your level of fitness, strength or flexibility.

Charlotte Murray Pilates
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